Forest School Week 1 - 5th Nov 2015

The children were very excited for their very first week at forest school and for most of the children this was their first time visiting our site. The children were very eager to explore their new environments and surroundings and showed a good level of confidence to explore.

As this was the first time to forest school, we introduced children to our rules and ways of the forest, the children listened intently as staff demonstrated how to cross roads safely, how to behave around dogs or strangers and about the importance of not picking up rubbish, berries or anything else they were unsure of (this is when staff enjoy role play too, pretending to go pick berries!!) The children showed a good level of understanding of these rules and were soon ready for our adventures through the forest.

Once at camp, the children and adults worked together to carry some large branches to our new camp area and we all made ourselves at home using these as seats. This was also an important time to go over some more rules of the forest. We talked about the children being able to see an adult at all times, “If you can’t see the grown up…..then the grown up can’t see you.”  We also talked about our camp fires and keeping ourselves and others safe. The children were fascinated when Lisa showed them the Kelly Kettle and the children had their own ideas for what it was for. Soren thought we might make hot chocolate in the Kelly kettle……very close Soren! Once the fire was lit for the Kelly Kettle, Harrison was amazed and so entranced by the small flames.

As it was autumn time there were so many leaves all around us on the ground. Back at nursery we had been doing lots of activities using fallen leaves including printing, sorting by colour, identifying the trees they were from and using them to make arrangements in art/transient ways. Isobel and Scarlett were very keen to collect leaves and they initiated their own game of finding matching leaves. The girls did very well and managed to collect almost identical leaves from Oak, Maple and Horse Chestnut trees.

As we headed home from forest school we discovered a small area where there were many different bird feeders, as we watched a small squirrel scurried by.  We sat patiently watching as the birds came and went but the squirrel hid away.  This left the children with lots of thoughts ready for the following week.