Fees 2019-2020

The fees include all organic produce used for healthy snacks, meals and drinks throughout the day. Nappies and formula milk are also included in the cost, as well as outings to forest school, allotment, theatre and other educational visits which support the interests and projects of the older children.

Our nursery fees are competitive and represent excellent value. We accept childcare vouchers from employer benefit schemes from a variety of voucher providers.

Fees are due monthly at the 1st of each month, and cover your child's attendance at their arranged regular sessions. The nursery closes for two training days per year, between Christmas and New Year and on all statutory bank holidays - the fee structure takes this into account. Fee structures are shown in the table below, costs are determined from the number of half-day sessions attended per week. For example, a child who comes to Childsplay Nursery for the whole day on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays would be attending 6 sessions per week. If your child is absent for any reason (e.g. sickness or holiday) the monthly fee is still payable in full.

No. of sessions per week Fees per calendar month
10 £882
9 £882
8 £793
7 £699
6 £594
5 £510
4 £449
3 £344
2 £234
1 £118

Parents can arrange additional nursery care on days that their children do not usually attend Childsplay Nursery. This must be arranged in advance and confirmed by the Childsplay office, the fees for additional sessions are shown below:

Additional sessions Fee per session
1 - 4 £26.60
5 - 8 £26.00
9 - 10 £23.90

Where a placement commences or ends during a month, or the parent wishes to reduce, increase or otherwise alter the number of booked sessions, then the above sessional rate will apply to the number of days used during the month.

Download a copy of the current fees.