Introducing Our Staff

The Management Team

Childsplay management is core to the fundamental operation of the nursery, responsible for the planning, organisation and control of the members whilst utilising resources to achieve goals.  Management steers the organisation towards meeting the business objectives, whilst maintaining control over the way the business operates, at the same time they are responsible for leading, inspiring and directing staff to succeed.  Passion for the growth and well-being of all children is central to the motivation of all staff at Childsplay.  Management update the Ofsted Self Evaluation Form which provides evidence for inspectors which emphasises the quality of the provision, areas of strength and identified areas of improvement to ensure continued commitment and self-reflection of outstanding practice is optimum.

Managers must conform to the Performance Management Cycle, as stated in the Safeguarding and Welfare requirements (EYFS, 2012)

"to assure continued business success by ensuring that all staff are clear about their role in the organisation and are resourced, both in terms of training and development and management support, to make an optimum, and personally fulfilling, contribution". (Staff qualifications, Training, Support and Skills, EYFS requirement 3.53 to 3.65; 2012)

Unit Managers and Staff

All staff at Childsplay are qualified to level 3 and above within the childcare profession,with many staff qualified to level 5 and 6.  All staff actively engage in further training to enhance their ability to care for your children and support each other daily in the delivery of excellent childcare.  All staff are First Aid trained and hold current Safeguarding Awareness certificates.

Individual Unit Line Managers

Fully Qualified Baby Unit Early Year's Educators

Fully Qualified Toddler Unit Early Year's Educators

Fully Qualified 2-3's Unit Early Year's Educators

Fully Qualified 3-4's Unit Early Year's Educators

Fully Qualified Pre-School Unit Early Year's Educators

Fully Qualified Kitchen Staff Team