Meals and Food

Nutritious and enjoyable food has always been as much a priority at Childsplay as the educational content and is in fact part of the children’s education and well-being.  Our philosophy is to delight the children with food and the diet comprises a variety of  seasonal and organic produce. Our older children enjoy being involved in food preparation and take part in snack and tea preparation on a weekly basis as part of their nursery unit's planned activities.

Food for our children:

  • All meals are prepared and cooked fresh on a daily basis.

  • The catering team have a range of skills and qualifications which include Intermediate Food Hygiene level 3.

  • Research used includes ‘Caroline Walker Trust’, ‘Safer Food Better Business’ set by Newcastle Local Authority and ‘Eat Better, Start Better’ set by the School Food Trust- guidelines for Early Years.

  • Babies diets are specific to them and in-line with their individual weaning programme, with parents and key carers regularly sharing information.

  • The four-week rota of menus and coordinated ingredients can be viewed by parents on kitchen and nursery unit notice boards.

  • Childsplay has consistently been awarded the top score of '5' in the Food Standards Agency's Food Hygiene Rating Scheme.

High importance is given to the nutritional content and balance of food groups. We pay attention to food groups which could cause allergies and avoid these and other food additives within the menus. We work closely with parents of children who have allergies to particular foods, care plans identify alternatives to ensure their diet is part of the nursery menu or very closely linked.  For example, milk substitutes are used for dairy allergies to provide a similar meal to that stipulated on the menu.  The menus are created on a four weekly basis (see a sample menu) and arranged around seasonal produce. When setting the menus we like to ensure we have listened to children and families and include healthy recipes which may be valued favourites from home, present a range of foods from around the world, and provide vegetarian alternatives.

To view a sample menu please click here