Forest School Week 2 - 12th Nov 2015

This week the children took on the challenge of the hill!  This area of the site is a favourite for the children and they really enjoyed discovering ways to support one another to reach their goal of climbing to the top of the hill independently.  Once one of the children reached the top of the hill they looked for ways in which to help the others get up the hill, George then had a fantastic idea “I need rope” he quickly headed back down the hill and retrieved rope from the trolley and returned back to the hill, once back at the top he unravelled the rope and threw it back down the hill.  He soon realised that to make the rope more secure he would need to attach it to a tree so asked an adult for support, the children then began to hold onto the rope and pull themselves up the hill.

There were many other ways to get up and down the hill including using the rake to climb up and sitting down to slide all the way to the bottom.  Working together every child discovered a new and interesting way to get up or down the hill and had so much fun, this was a great experience that left us very dirty!!

As we trek on our usual route home we headed towards the birds feeders, this time to leave some food for the birds, we put out several fat balls and some bird seed in the hanging bowls.  The children talked about what we might find the following week when we returned. Would the birds eat it or perhaps the squirrels will steal it!!