Zebra Crossing Survey

On Thursday 25th April, there will be some research carried out by Newcastle City Council before installing the Zebra Crossing Childsplay Nursery.  Representatives from the Council will be tracking vehicles entering and leaving the Claremont Road (opposite the nursery) car park to evaluate how much traffic turns left and right.


Boiler refurbishment at Childsplay Nursery

Tuesday 23rd April 2019.jpg

There is planned refurbishment of the boiler taking place at nursery over the Easter weekend starting Friday 19th April, up to and including Tuesday 23rd April 2019.

There will be some preliminary works taking place Thursday 18th April, however we DO NOT envisage that this will cause any problems to the smooth operations of the nursery, but you may see the delivery of scaffold and some building materials arriving. The scaffolding will be delivered after 09:00 a.m. and will be directly taken from the vehicle, down the lane and into the garden via the side gate. Other materials will be taken via the same route and directly into the plant room on the lower ground. At some point near mid-day we will no longer have use of the garden for play, however staff have planned alternative activities indoors.

Garden improvements at Childsplay Nursery

The new developments to the garden area are complete, and they are inspiring additions to the children’s play. Both the small and large gardens look so inviting and the children are definitely enjoying their new spaces.

The Babies and Toddler garden has seen the addition of a new covered sand pit area and a bespoke wooden play-house. Both of these areas give new learning opportunities to the children, valuable to their ever-growing social, physical and cognitive skills as they engage in discovery and enquiry alongside friends and Educators. The toddler patio will soon have a mud kitchen, giving another dimension in malleable materials.

In the large garden the climbing tree has gained improvements, as have the grass hills and pathways, and mulch has been added to areas that were becoming worn and eroded. The new outdoor classroom lends itself to a range of activities, such as group play/work, role-play, drama, and circle times.

The garden continues to be an essential daily source of learning opportunities for all our children. We would like to say a huge thank you to the Infinite Playgrounds team, who have been amazing in helping us to deliver such an inspiring play space for children.

Forest School 2015

Since June 2013 Childsplay children aged 3 and 4 years have had the opportunity to be involved in Forest School. This activity is led by key staff who are Forest school leaders (Level 3). This year we are writing a Forest School Blog to share our adventures in the woods, and to help families to talk about and build upon the experiences at home.

This year we're involved in a research project that brings older adults and young children together in the unique Forest School learning environment. The project studies the importance and positive life impacts of of young children engaging with older adults, where the adults are grandparents or older family members who are keen to work outdoors in the woodland alongside the staff and children.

The Forest School project commenced on 8th September, and we're posting weekly updates to the blog to share our activities and the fun we are having learning together.  We welcome your feedback on our events too!

Updated Fees from Sept 2015

A 1% fee increase was proposed and agreed at the Quarterly Open Meeting on 29th July 2015, with effect from 1st Sept 2015

A few parents have commented that they have forgotten to update their bank standing order instructions to reflect the new rate, hence this reminder. Full details of the 2015-16 fees can be found at: http://www.childsplaynursery.org.uk/fees/. For reference, last year’s fees are shown at: http://www.childsplaynursery.org.uk/fees-2014-2015.