Book Recommendations

Our children, their parents and our staff enthusiastically share book recommendations. If you purchase books by clicking on the links below, Childsplay will receive a small portion of the purchase price. We'll use these funds to buy books and to further improve our nursery.

Recommendations for November 2015:

I Really Want to Eat a Child
By Sylviane Donnio
Dinosaur Doo
By Andrew Weale

I really want to eat a child by Sylviane Donnio and Dorothee de Monfied

A delightfully quirky book about Achilles the crocodile who doesn’t want to eat his usual breakfast of bananas - he wants to eat A CHILD!  The story takes us to the day Achilles comes face to face with a child. What will Achilles do?

A fun book which will be enjoyed by children and parents alike.

Most suitable for 2. 5 years up to 5 years.

Dinosaur Doo by Andrew Weale and Joelle Dreidemy

A Funny pre-historic tale about a group of friends who try to solve a ‘dinosaur toileting’ problem.

A super book for pre-schoolers with a love of rhyme and dinosaurs, this is a guaranteed ‘giggle starter’ of a book.

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